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Whatever your sector, when you choose to issue smart cards, you are making a smart decision in favour of security, power and usability. But that opens up a sometimes overwhelming range of new choices. Do you need microprocessor contact chip cards, memory chip cards, fobs or contactless cards? What kind of card substrate and finish would be best? How do you plan to personalise and fulfil them? What are your security requirements?

Choosing the right smart card manufacturing partner therefore becomes your most important decision. You need one with the experience and market knowledge to help you make the best choices throughout the entire process.

Thames Card Technology has been helping its clients make the smartest decisions for their card programs across multiple markets, applications and geographies since 1994. With our MasterCard and Visa security certification, our wealth of experience behind the scenes in some of the biggest card programs out there, our in house technical expertise and our ability to provide end to end solutions we can make sure you benefit from everything we’ve learnt about how to make card programs work. To find out how we guarantee you product functionality and performance in your card deployment, please get in touch.


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“We gave Thames Card Technology a complex and challenging brief for a multi-currency card product, involving two EMV and magnetic stripe cards linked to the same account, separate PINs, and tamper evident packaging. Thames worked closely with us to refine our vision for a customer friendly product and delivered the whole solution, including production, packing and distribution, on time and on budget.”
Miles Briggs, General Manager Financial Services, TUI UK & Ireland.